One-Click POKT Staking Now Available Using stands as a strong advocate for enhancing Pocket Network’s infrastructure through the continued development of needed features on the blockchain and by providing high Quality of Service (QOS) to the network.

Pocket Network is an open protocol that empowers developers with reliable, performant, and cost effective RPC access to the open internet, served via infrastructure that is owned and governed by its users.

The launch of the one-click POKT staking process marks a significant milestone for Pocket Network. Staking, a vital component of many blockchain networks, often poses user challenges. This innovative feature simplifies staking for users, making it effortless and secure to stake on the Pocket Network and earn rewards of POKT tokens.

“Our proprietary one-click staking process for non-custodial nodes is a game-changer. We’re making staking accessible to everyone,” stated Brian Bailey, Co-Founder of “Our commitment to simplifying the experience of using blockchain technology is unwavering.”’s proprietary solution empowers newcomers and experienced users to stake their assets effortlessly. This intuitive feature ensures that users can engage with blockchain networks securely without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

“We recognized many missing pieces to Pocket Network’s infrastructure and have created easy solutions for the end-user’s benefit. Our goal is to contribute to the growth and decentralization of blockchain networks by making the staking process easily accessible and user-friendly,” emphasized Bailey. 

With the rise of blockchain technologies, robust infrastructure has become increasingly important. addresses this need by providing efficient, reliable, and user-friendly infrastructure services.

In addition to bolstering the Pocket Network infrastructure, is actively engaged in addressing the development and feature needs of the community. “Our dedication to providing high-quality services reflects our commitment to making POKT a leading name in the world of RPCs,” affirmed Brian Bailey.

Furthermore, is excited to offer access to POKT investors, enabling them to earn competitive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) rates. This opportunity strengthens the Pocket Network ecosystem, fostering a community-driven approach to blockchain participation.

For more information about and its services, please visit is a preferred staking provider for Grove (previously Pocket Network Inc.).

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