ATT’s Innovative Burn Mechanism

ATT Introduces Unique Organic Burn Mechanism to Enhance Token Value

Singapore, June 17th — ATT (Advertising Time Token) is excited to unveil its unique organic burn mechanism, designed to enhance the scarcity and value of its tokens. The burn strategy involves three distinct pools: Small Pool, Middle Pool, and Big Pool, ensuring dynamic market responses and robust value retention.

This carefully crafted burn mechanism adapts to different market conditions, ensuring the long-term sustainability of ATT tokens. By systematically reducing the supply of tokens in circulation, ATT aims to increase their value, rewarding community members and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Key Components of ATT’s Burn Mechanism

•  Small Pool: Targets short-term market adjustments, ensuring immediate responses to market activities.

•  Middle Pool: Focuses on medium-term market stabilization, adjusting token supply based on market conditions over several months.

•  Big Pool: Aims at long-term value retention, implementing large-scale token burns to maintain scarcity and support the overall value of ATT tokens.


“Our burn mechanism is designed to adapt to various market conditions, ensuring that ATT remains a valuable and sustainable asset for our community,” said by the initiator of ATT Foundation. “By reducing the supply of ATT tokens, we can increase their value and provide greater rewards to our users.”

Benefits of the Burn Mechanism

•  Enhanced Scarcity: By reducing the number of tokens in circulation, ATT increases the scarcity and value of its tokens.

•  Market Responsiveness: The multi-tiered burn mechanism allows ATT to respond dynamically to market activities, ensuring stability and value retention.

•  Long-Term Sustainability: The burn strategy supports the long-term sustainability of ATT tokens, creating a stable and thriving ecosystem for all participants.


Community Engagement and Transparency

ATT is committed to transparency and community engagement in its burn strategy. By involving the community in decision-making processes, ATT ensures that its burn mechanism remains responsive to the needs of its users.

“Our community is at the heart of everything we do,” the initiator of ATT Foundation added. “We value their input and feedback, which helps us refine our strategies and achieve our goals.”

Join the ATT Community

ATT invites businesses, advertisers, and individuals to join its growing community and participate in the future of decentralized advertising. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, ATT aims to create a more interconnected and efficient digital advertising landscape. Join ATT on Telegram:

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