HELFINCH LTD unveils the A1 Wires, the Lead Free super safe electric wires for Indian homes

London, 3rd October 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, At an exclusive launch event  held today at their Central London Head Office, HELFINCH  LTD unveiled the much-anticipated A1 WIRES – the safest  electric wires for Indian market. The A1 WIRES series  features ZeroFire technology which offers super high Heat  resistance, Flame retardant technology and completely  LEAD-FREE, making it the safest wires available for the  Indian homes.  

HELFINCH set new expectations for electric wires segment  with the launch of the A1 WIRES, the first brand to offer only  environment friendly lead-free variant of electric wires. With  

the debut of the A1 WIRES Series, HELFINCH brings  International level of safety and environment friendliness to  every Indian home.  

“We feel the Indian consumers now demand the quality that  European brands bring,” said Wilson Chacko, Chief  Operations Officer, HELFINCH INDIA. “The A1 WIRES  Series was conceptualised with providing a solution for all  the problems that exists in wiring Indian homes. With a 

breakthrough ZeroFire technology, an advanced wire with  higher current carrying capacity and heat resistant  properties suitable for operation at high temperatures was  built.”  

Vishal Sood, VP Operations HELFINCH INDIA shared, “Our  worldwide commitment towards building environment  friendly products with features as High insulation resistance,  RoHS compliance, anti-termite and anti-rodent features  makes A1 WIRES the ideal product for a better world. These  wires are built with stringent international standards which  mean they safeguard the environment from harmful  chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.”  

Key features of the A1 WIRES include: 

  • ZeroFlame technology while providing high level of  heat resistance also ensures minimal leakage of  current which helps in reducing any serious damages to  installations in the home.  
  • Indian environment is susceptible to rats/rodents and  termites that damage electric wires causing a major fire  hazard. All of our wires have termite and rodent  repulsion features as standard option to protect the  insulation;  
  • Available in 8 colours with laser print marking on the  wires for ease of use;  
  • Ultimate performance with ultra premium features and  high current carrying capacity.  
  • Lead-Free option is a standard in all variants 

Pricing and Availability 

The HELFINCH A1 WIRES Series are immediately available  via select distributor channel and online only.  

BASICS  HFCB-01 0.75 MM  ₹1,699.00
BASICS  HFCB-02 1.0 MM  ₹1,999.00
BASICS  HFCB-03 1.5MM  ₹2,999.00
BASICS  HFCB-04 2.5MM  ₹5,499.00
BASICS  HFCB-05 4.0 MM  ₹7,999.00
BASICS  HFCB-06 6.0 MM  ₹9,999.00
BASICS  HFCB-07 10.0 MM  ₹17,999.00
PREMIUM  HFCP-01 0.75 MM  ₹1,899.00
PREMIUM  HFCP-02 1.0 MM  ₹2,050.00
PREMIUM  HFCP-03 1.5 MM  ₹3,200.00
PREMIUM  HFCP-04 2.5MM  ₹5,800.00
PREMIUM  HFCP-05 4.0MM  ₹8,600.00
PREMIUM  HFCP-06 6.0 MM  ₹10,800.00
PREMIUM  HFCP-07 10 MM  ₹19,999.00
ULTRA LUXURY  HFCI-01 0.75 MM  ₹2,499.00
ULTRA LUXURY  HFCI-02 1.0MM  ₹2,999.00
ULTRA LUXURY  HFCI-03 1.5MM  ₹3,999.00
ULTRA LUXURY  HFCI-04 2.5MM  ₹6,499.00
ULTRA LUXURY  HFCI-05 4.0MM  ₹9,999.00
ULTRA LUXURY  HFCI-06 6.0 MM  ₹12,999.00
ULTRA LUXURY  HFCI-07 10.0MM  ₹22,999.00


“We are onboarding expert distributors nationwide with the  company CNFs for the generous inaugural discounts that is  passed to consumer level”, Wilson Chacko (Operations  Head, HELFINCH INDIA) mentioned.  

Some of the online portals where this will be instantly  available includes Helfinch Online store (, 

Amazon India ( & Amazon UK (,  L&T-SuFin (  

*Available for immediate delivery in all major towns and cities.  

For additional information, please write to Patricia Ricken, Global Sales head  (  

Helfinch LTD, a company registered in the UK & Wales with registration number 1515767.  

About Helfinch LTD  

Helfinch LTD the leading German brand in LED Lighting, Electrical Wires, Switchgears  (MCB, RCCB, Isolators) and appliances is now focussing on launching premium and ultra  safe electrical wires in India. Helfinch is a leader in LED Lighting products such as LED  Bulbs, LED Battens, LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights, Inverter/Emergency LED Bulbs,  High Wattage LED Bulbs like Hammer LED Lights, High Bay Lights for Commercial  Spaces like Factories, Warehouses and Buildings. Helfinch also makes premium electric  wires for Homes and businesses. Helfinch is head quartered in Germany and has offices  in the UK, India, Thailand, and North America (USA & Canada).

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