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Crazy Mars Squirrel Anchors to the Future, Taking Value System as the Starting Point

United States, 27th Feb 2023 – After the previous rocket-like rise, the NFT market has experienced a cliff-like decline in the past six months. From “speculation” to “investing”, the attitude of NFT holders changes only in an instant. Against such a background, the optimal solution for investors turns out to be a transition to long-term prospects. In the meantime, more and more project parties are getting on to how significant the value system is in empowering NFTs to cater to real user needs. During this process, Crazy Mars Squirrel with its unique cultural attributes and commercial value has pioneered breaking out the set pattern created by NFT bubbles, making it a representative of the value-anchored NFT2.0 era.

So, what is the logic behind the rapid appreciation of Crazy Mars Squirrel? In response, the founding team of Crazy Mars Squirrel explained the foundation of commercial value, which is determined by whether an asset meets user needs. The social value, as well as emotional value and asset worth attached to Crazy Mars Squirrel undoubtedly provides a basic value-anchor for its series of NFTs.

Capitalization of Content Creation Made the Value Base

The public’s value assessment is mainly based on the utility of assets. For native digital assets like Crazy Mars Squirrel, the examination of its economic benefits is fundamentally a measurement of its practical value. Taking this into account and to accelerate project growth, Crazy Mars Squirrel provides continuous value motivation through a self-consistent economic cycle and healthy economic model design, as well as diversified collaboration such as co-branding, IP licensing, GameFi development, and ecological co-construction. The Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs, as capitalized art creation, enable holders to constantly obtain derivative income from the project and to share 35% of the quota allocation in the project’s full-cycle income, bringing predictable economic benefits to NFT holders.

Circles Building to Enhance Asset Value

The value growth also depends on the enlargement of social consensus derived from the narrative, that is, the public recognition of and resonance with the story, emotion, narrative, and community culture behind the product. Different from normal NFT projects, Crazy Mars Squirrel adopted a grand narrative in the Metaverse-centered storytelling to build blocks for its community culture. The universal values and cultural symbols connoted by Crazy Mars Squirrel articulate high-dimensional digital civilization and embody a contemporary understanding of development. No one can transcend changes in times alone. Based on this idea, the Crazy Mars Squirrel team conveys its core culture to the community through interactive experiences, invitations to participation, co-creation, and sharing, making a closely related community.

Furthermore, Crazy Mars Squirrel has gradually expanded its business landscape and well extended its culture to arcade games, funding and incubation, social life, and other circles through commercial applications like GameFi development, setup of DAO funding for ecology, IP Licensing, and co-branding. Undoubtedly, cooperation with like-minded partners has further extended the asset value of Crazy Mars Squirrel.

Build “Domains” to Broaden Use Scenarios

Apart from expanding practical value, Crazy Mars Squirrel also delved into intrinsic value to accelerate the unlocking of new application scenarios. Its Roadmap clearly tells the other arrangements in addition to developing social attributes, creating a Metaverse fund, and opening up a DeFi marketplace, which include a Metaverse sci-fi Game-Fi based on Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT-related digital identities. Taking the chain game as a transit hub, Crazy Mars Squirrel will build a Metaverse with implementable financial, entertainment, cultural, and social scenes to realize an interconnected universe. At that time, its value capture and liquidation value will also be more diverse.

During this process, Crazy Mars Squirrel will continuously seek to break through the dimensional wall, and build domains in the real world for interaction with Crazy Mars Squirrel through public benefit activities, brand cooperation, cultural & creative products, exclusive member stores, etc. Through online and offline linkage, a brand-new Martian-century civilization will be established, and the use scenarios of Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs will be spread into all aspects of real life.

Bearish forecast came on horseback but goes away on foot. Rather than indulging in negative emotions affected by the crypto winter market, the project parties should choose how to interpret and anchor the reality. Crazy Mars Squirrel has set a great example; Taking the value system as the starting point, it paves the way for human beings to move toward the future of digital civilization brick by brick.

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