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Baby Degen Factory launch (BDF), a blockchain-based project on eth network

Liverpool, UK – BDF is a blockchain-based project on the ETH Network that launches projects as Baby tokens of the already established Native token. There’s an occurrence happening in the crypto space now where whenever a project succeeds and does well, a BABY version of it launches which allows investors that missed the launch of the FATHER token to get another shot to be early investors.

Our goal is to create a community for our fellow investors where they can jump into newly created Baby tokens that will be launched by us so that they can be at ease and rest that their investments weren’t going towards a rug or a scam project. (Lock/Renounce/Support!!!)

BDF will also offer a secure platform that instructs new investors on how to make sure they comprehend the De-Fi Space eco-system. There will be weekly meetings or tips to our community on how to approach Defi space as far as investment is concerned.

BDF’s main goal is to create an ecosystem of baby projects that are maintained by a dedicated team and full-time staff. We will use our taxes to market our goal as well as start development on future utilities that will allow us to deliver more for our investors.


  • Through the community’s support, Baby Degen Factory will assist in promoting active new cryptocurrencies.
  • Allows for a Deflationary mechanism to investors on successful Defi projects thus making BDF a token they have an incentive in supporting.
  • A safe Baby token environment for all defi investors.

Why Build on ERC-20 Chain?

The founders of Baby Degen Factory (BDF), decided to make the ERC-20 Chain their starting point because there was not yet a derivative project that they were aware of on this chain as well as their acknowledgment of the strength of the ERC-20 Chain. We may be starting on the ERC-20 Chain but that doesn’t mean that’s the limit of our dreams!

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  • 1.5% burn
  • 1.5% liquidity
  • 1.5% marketing
  • 1.5% development

Public Pre-Sale Link: Copy and Paste the form below to enter the limited Pre-sale.

About The Project

A few major exchanges that will list them within the first week of launch have already been contacted by Baby Degen Factory. The objective is to start with a few central exchanges and progress to tier 1 exchanges.

Additionally, throughout the voting period, Baby Degen Factory will be included on significant voting websites, Chinese platforms, and Indian platforms for trending, banners, support, and additional marketing. The team has already begun marketing in the Indian regions and will do so in addition to the UK and Chinese regions.

To learn more about the Baby Degen Factory Token and utility, visit

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Contact Person: Max Ahmad


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